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South Sound Pride

Cheney Stadium, March 16. The Seattle Sounders FC 2 walked onto their new home field to a sold-out stadium filled with the cheers of their loyal supporters. Resounding game chants accompanied by waving flags and over 6,000 green-and-blue-clad fans signaled a warm welcome to the South Sound.

In a winning match against rivals Portland Timbers 2, the home team set the tone for their 2018 season. With a strong start, the S2 is bound to see more wins on their new home turf.

March 16’s season opener was the first of 17 S2 home games at Cheney Stadium, which wraps up in mid-October. If you missed the excitement of the inaugural Tacoma match, you’ve still got plenty of opportunities to stop by the team store for green and blue gear and join the S2’s fan section.

Mark Your Calendar:

March 16-October 10: Sounders FC 2, Cheney Stadium

Spring Season: Tacoma Comeback Sports Soccer Leagues, various fields and game dates

Fridays: Tacoma Soccer Center Indoor Soccer pickup games, 10 p.m.